Experiments using Professional Software Developers

Papers and experimental data

The Association of C and C++ Users run a conference every year in Oxford and kindly give me a lunch time slot in which to run an experiment.

The ACCU 2003 Identifier Experiment.

The ACCU 2004 Memory Experiment.

The ACCU 2005 Data Structure Experiment.

The ACCU 2006 Operator precedence and memory Experiment.

The ACCU 2007 Operand naming and memory Experiment.

The ACCU 2008 Classification and grouping Experiment.

The ACCU 2009 Deciding between if and switch when writing code.

The ACCU 2010 No ACCU experiment in this year.

The ACCU 2011 Effect of risk attitudes on recall of assignment statements.

The ACCU 2012 Impact of semantic association on information recall performance.


Please send any feedback to experiment "at" knosof dot co dot uk

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